Welcome to my video page.  Here you’ll find some of my favorite clips collected over the years  and all gathered in one place. I’ll be continually adding to them so check back here often.  And for more design tips, check out my Demo page and my Pinterest board called Elements and Learning.  You can do it! Enjoy!

7 Layers
design demos

Based on my best selling book, The Seven Layers of Design is an invaluable concept that will revolutionize how you think about the design process step by step.  Let me give you a quick overview.

I’ve assembled some of our most popular video demos here. They’re designed to get you thinking outside the box to save money while using your innate creativity to make your home your haven. For more demos click on ‘Archives’ above.

Work That Room

So much of great design is being in the right frame of mind.  Maybe a few of my classic show closes will inspire you to make important changes under your own roof.

My favorite part this series were these important design tips. They are essential universal principles that can easily be applied to any home.  

Ask Christopher

This recent video blog series shows how you can completely transform
even the smallest of spaces room-by room using what you already own.