Christopher's Classic Demos

Archeological Carved Relics
Botanical Art
Botanical Fresco
Floating Mirror
Glass Mosaics
Paint Finishes for Faux Columns
Petal and Candle Centerpiece
Wild Flower Arrangements

Bathroom Faux Macassar Ebony Finish

Antique Sink Vanity
Beach House Guest Bed
Boat Bed
Bodacious Sleigh Bed
Bolster Headboard Bed
Christmas Light Bed
Manhattan Bed
Part 1: Building the ABS Bed
Part 2: Dressing the ABS Bed
Upholstered Soffit

Candles, Lighting and Fireplaces
Bag Lights
Candle Ledge Altar
Cast Concrete Candlesticks
Colander Light
Lampshade Illuminary
White Glamour Fireplace

French Door Arches
Jungle Doors
Mirrored Doors
Orient Express Door Treatment

Natural Area Rugs
No Sew Floorcloth
Painted Canvas Floor Cloth
Wallpaper Floor

Home Office
Desk and Shoji Screen Lights
Home Office Rollaway Bench
Roll-Away Office Bed

Kitchen and Dining Rooms
Faux Stone and Malachite Finish for Painted Countertops
Kitchen Arches
Memoryware Mosaic Table
Moroccan Dining Room Canopy
Painted Laminated Countertops
Plate Rack
Plexiglas Kitchen Window Shelves

Living Rooms
Coffee Table With Basket Storage
Deco Chair
Modern Sideboard
Pop-Up Coffee Table
Small Spaces Built-in Seating

Crown Molding
Distressed Antique Finish for Molding
Flexall Molding

Cement Illusions
Chair Planters
Glass Block Water Fountain
Tiered Plant Stand
Tire Planter

Room Dividers
Bamboo Room Divider
Contemporary Room Divider
Contemporary Wood and Glass Room Screen
Plexiglas and Fabric Room Divider

Shelving & Storage
Cabana Closet From a Pot Rack
Chinoiserie Chest
Deco-Inspired Table of the 1940s
Wall Shelves

Tables and Tablescapes
Bamboo Pole Table
Cinema Chic Coffee Table
Whimsical Paper Tablescape

Wall Treatments
Antiqued Anaglypta Walls
Color Copy Wallpaper
Corrugated Cardboard Valance
Cracked Plaster Wall Technique
Dimensional Antiquing Wall Technique
Light Wall
Match Stick Blind Ceiling Treatment
Wood Paneling Disguise

Window Treatments
Arched Fan Window Treatment
Cornice Window Treatment
Gothic Window
Spanish-Style Corbels